Benefit auctions are a special type of auctions all on their own, and take a special auctioneer.  Our company is literally a one-stop shop for fund raising organizations.  We can provide a wide array of services for you:

Annual consulting
Clerks and cashiers
Professional Auctioneers
Professional Bid Spotter

Depending on the involvement you want from us we can handle your needs.  Our professional auctioneers and bid spotters bring with them high energy, superior enthusiasm, and years of experience handling and entertaining crowds.  Our philosophy for benefit auctions has always been:  We want everybody to smile, laugh, and have a great time.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help make your next event a huge success.  With the services we provide we can customize a package that best suits your needs.  Our desire is to be able to build long-term relationships with our clients and organizations.  While auction committees turn over many times it is a great comfort to organizations to know that their professional auction team of Black and Associates is always in place ready to help make your next event successful.